Friday, May 22, 2009

List of General Content Categories that People Want

I'm recently into scrutinizing the thought about generalizing everything as content. Like every design can be generalized as content. An article is a content, so is video, so is audio, so is a whole website, typography, poster, event, product package, service. Like when you're designing a whole website, you're actually just creating content. And when you create content, you're actually designing. The content in your site is actually the design of your site, and the aesthetic design of your site is also a content in itself.

Well anyways, I came across this video and what stuck in my mind was about that idea that everybody can now create sites, and so content will grow exponentially on the web. I find it interesting when the video mentioned (somewhere in the middle) about people searching for "New", "Popular" and "Interesting" ice creams. I think these terms are important as these are the general categories that people are looking for and therefore we must design and stuff our sites with content that can be considered as such to increase traffic. Then I thought of other categories or adjectives and below is my list (not in rank of importance and not exhaustive, may update this list in the future).

Content Adjectives
  • New - latest, newest
  • Popular - most known, most hits, or can be sensations.
  • Interesting - something unique and different. May not be popular.
  • Best - something that stands out in one or more criteria
  • Basic - fundamentals. simple and easy to understand
  • Deep - detailed explanation on a subject matter
  • True - reliable info, accurate

Content Categories
  • Profiles/Definition - details or description of a term or concept, product or service, or person.
  • News - events or updates on your subject.
  • Tips / How To - tutorials and pointers that help people accomplish their tasks or solve their problems
  • Reviews - what other people say about a product or service. Feature comparisons among items.
  • Case Studies - stories for consideration. could be testimonies, portfolio or simply stories.

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