Sunday, May 10, 2009

iBlog5 - Things Learned from the Blogging Summit in the Philippines

Going to iBlog5, Blogging Summit in the Philippines, was worth it. I was actually planning not to go to iBlog5, which was held at Malcolm Hall, College of Law, UP Diliman, last May 9, 2009. But I'm glad I did even though I was only able to attend the afternoon session. Learned a lot of things. Here are some, not in order.

The Blogging Scene in the Philippines
  • The tribe of bloggers in the Philippines is growing big.
  • Blogger Parties/Events are common nowadays in the Philippines. A blogger event is usually sponsored by one major advertiser with the hope of gaining goodwill and spreading word of "blog" about their company or products. Some companies such as Yehey are already providing Blogger Events Management service.
  • Bloggers will create campaign blogs or are being prepared for election in 2010 as citizen journalists. For those who are interested to blog for 2010 Election you can visit the Bloggers Election Handbook by Janette Toral

Evolution of Bloggers by Anton Diaz
  1. Artist - a blogger starts out by expressing himself, his story for the day, his rants and anything that he wants to blog about.
  2. Advocate - the blogger begins to talk on topics where he is passionate about. He no longer talks about just himself but rather transitions to creating content about his advocacies, latest updates on his industry, or anything related to his interests. I think I'm at this level.
  3. Entrepreneur - the blogger begins to make money through his blog. Anton cited that one needs to know about web business models and implement one, in order to evolve to this level. Some bloggers use the publisher model, where they earn through advertisements, just like offline magazines. I wonder what the rest of the business models are.
  4. Maven - the blogger rises up to be a thought leader, one who is considered an expert or guru, who people look up to for knowledge and ideas. I think Seth Godin is at this level.

Blogging Tips
  • Social Media Optimization not just Search Engine Optimization (SMO vs SEO) - heard the word SMO first from Fitz Villafuerte. He says that nowadays, we need to optimize and maximize our use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to drive visitors to our sites and not just focus on search engines rankings.
  • Content is King, Marketing is Queen. - Anton Diaz said that writing great content is not enough, marketing is as important. Some forms of marketing are social networking and joining online conversations.
  • Bloggers must learn to write good content now or else - Jayvee Fernandez predicted that in the near future, most non-blogger print magazine writers will transition to blogging online, so sooner or later they will outplay current bloggers in terms of producing quality content which attracts site traffic.

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