Friday, May 22, 2009 - Philippines' Newest Buy and Sell Online Marketplace

Filipinos are fast becoming active Internet citizens and online entrepreneurs. You can see it from the growth of Philippine online ads directory sites and the large number of ads being posted on those sites showing how wide Filipinos have accepted online marketplace trading. The latest newcomer is

Unlike other sites, AyosDito has an uncluttered clean user interface which I am biased of. AyosDito has done a fairly good job on that from the homepage to search results and the ad details page.

The Philippine map on the homepage is unique but intuitive providing users a way to zoom in to local ads in their respective locations. It's unique because most buy and sell sites place so many words and links at the homepage that the user gets overwhelmed. With AyosDito, it makes sense to put the map at the homepage as we are most likely to be interested in offers which are accessible from where we live. However, I do want to see a search box at the homepage for those who are looking for specific items upfront.

Similarly, the search results page is easy on the eyes. Whether you're looking for used items or jobs and services, you will find a page neatly arranged by rows and sorted according to the latest ads posted on the site. The ad details page is also as uncluttered as the other pages, easy to scan and read.

Overall, the usability of the site is measured by the time it takes to accomplish a task on the site. The faster you get the task done means you had no delays due to problems, indecision or confusion caused by poor design. AyosDito is user-friendly. Say you're looking for a web design service in Manila, AyosDito's clean, non-overwhelming, non-distracting user interface will get you there fast and smooth.


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