Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Work Productivity Philosophy

In pressure times like these past weeks (i think it should be months for me, that is), I'm trying to compile a formula work philosophy to be as effective as I could in everything that I do. Below is a list in progress, not in order of importance. Some of them I took from GTD and ZTD. Disclaimer: these may or may not work for you. I'll be adding to this list as I stumble on new things.

  1. Remove distractions to gain focus - e.g. we have to close those extra windows or applications or browser tabs and leave only those that are needed for the job at hand.
  2. If it can be done in 2 minutes, do it immediately.
  3. Just get started - the first step may not be that big or grand, but it takes the first step to build momentum
  4. Momentum is important so do not break your momentum - resist temptation to switch or take a break if you're not that satisfied or tired yet. Unnecessary breaks break momentum. Find a place where you can't be interrupted.
  5. Be aware of your big time wasters - like unnecessary friendstering, or facebooking or chatting. Measure how much you spend time on those and choose to refrain.
  6. Prioritize daily - look for the 3 most urgent and important tasks for the day and do it. Only then after having accomplished those 3 should you take on other tasks. Otherwise, leave the rest for the next day.
  7. Aim for balance - we juggle many projects/responsibilities. To focus fully on only one of those projects/responsibilities means delay or disaster for the others.
  8. Balance by focus on small steps - Find ways to be daily aware of the status of what's happening on each of those projects/responsibilities. Determine the next small step action for each area and allot future time for it.
  9. Write down everything that worries you - Exhaust them out of your mind. Once you've written them, you will be tempted to forget them because you already have a list that you can go back to.
  10. Everything you do involves a risk, even doing nothing - Avoid paralysis by analysis. There will always be an amount of possible failure in everything that we do. So why bother worrying too much when we can never be too sure anyway. Decide early on if you are willing to accept that failure if ever it happens. Then be ready for the ride.


  1. Great pointers! But speaking of balance, I think we should also put a "light mood". Quoting one my blogs, "Go slow if you want to go fast... Pausing once in awhile is never a bad habit...". Like my boss always say, you won't miss a thing with fresh eyes. ;-)

  2. Thanks. Yeah. Light mood is ok, helps minimize stress. Pause once in a while but beware of breaks that break momentum. Coffee break is good for me by the way. :)

  3. this is a good one. i think one of the important things in managing our time during productive hours is setting time when to text back or time to read text messages.

    we could also have separate numbers for work and personal agendas. let everyone know that you follow a certain system so they can abide with it accordingly.