Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Web Awards 2008

It's been encouraging to attend the Web Awards for 2008 at Taste Asia, Mall of Asia last November 5, 2008, 1pm to 5:30pm. I remembered last year how it felt to be a winner for our website Most of the winners this year must have been delighted and surprised to be selected as best websites in their respective categories.

Janette started the event discussing the criteria for judging of the entries. I understand that for some artists out there, some of the winners would not have passed their standards. That is because the awards is not about the best website visual design, but about the best website in all aspects and e-commerce practices. The entries were judged openly by the DigitalFilino Club members with regards to search engine readiness, good navigation, originality and freshness of content, layout, design, site speed performance, and interactivity.

Below is the list of winners per category this year:
  1. Apparel / Fashion Category - Tesoro's Philippine Handicrafts and Barongs
  2. Art Category - Hiraya
  3. Association / Organization Category - Information Technology Association of the Philippines
  4. Auction / Shopping Portal Category - KabayanCentral
  5. Automotive Category - AutoIndustriya
  6. Beauty Category - Godiva
  7. Blog - Corporate Category - The Belo Medical Group Blog
  8. Blog - Personal Category - The D Spot
  9. Blog - Professional Category - Tech at Hand
  10. Books Category - OMF Literature
  11. Community Category - TipidPC
  12. Computer / Consumer Electronics Category - Villman Computers Philippines
  13. Consumer Banking / Bills Payment Category - Philippine National Bank
  14. Corporate / Professional Category - Syntactics
  15. Events / Conferences Category - WordCamp Philippines
  16. Financial Services Category - Absolute Traders
  17. Food Category - Filipino Recipes
  18. Games Category - RF Online Philippines
  19. Gifts Category - Express Regalo
  20. Guides / Review Category -
  21. Home Furnishings / Improvement Category - Philippine Interior Design & Feng Shui Tips
  22. Jobs / Employment Category - MyNimo
  23. Magazine Category -
  24. Music / Movie/ Film Category - TitikPilipino
  25. Newspaper Category -
  26. Pharmaceuticals Category - GlaxoSmithKline Philippines
  27. Podcast Category - The Daily PCIJ
  28. Politics Category - Filipino Voices
  29. Real Estate Category - BF Homes Properties
  30. School / University Category - De La Salle University - Manila
  31. Services Category -
  32. Social Networking Category - GreatPinoy!
  33. Tourism Category - Cebu CeBoom CeBlog
  34. Travel Category - Philippine Airlines

The winners representative were given a time to share their experiences and insights as they developed their sites. I enjoyed The D Spot talk as she shared how her son encouraged her to try blogging. I also liked The Daily PCIJ's talk as she passionately encouraged bloggers to join forces with journalists in informing the people especially for the 2010 Philippine Election. I find the talk of one of the sponsors, CashSense, enlightening. The CEO shared their story as they shifted being an online company to bricks and mortar then back to being an online company again. It made me realize that it really takes time, effort, strategy and commitment to customers needs and benefits, to win the market.

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