Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Firefox3 add-ons I recommend for web developers

It was just recently that I installed Firefox 3 in my laptop and somebody recommended me that I should use add-ons. Add-ons are third party widgets/apps which you can install by going to the Tools menu of Firefox. True enough using add-ons made my life easier. Firefox can become like a switch knife because of add-ons; that is, it becomes an all-in-one software.

For a web developer/designer like me, certain add-ons really help. I'd recommend:

FireFTP - User-friendly, very simple and intuitive FTP software. You can create multiple ftp accounts. You can simultaneously connect to those accounts and create a tab for each account, the same way you can create a tab for each site you visit. Before I was using Filezilla and SmartFTP. I have to open 2 applications, Firefox and Filezilla. Now I just have to open Firefox and create a FireFTP tab.

Web Developer - very functional site/page Inspection tool. If you're fond of reverse engineering web sites, this is the tool for you. You use this add-on to inspect the outline/structure of the page. There's this functionality that draws boxes on all the block elements of the page. You can also use this to inspect the CSS info of specific elements. Just right click on the element and go to Web Developer>CSS>View Sytle Info. There are many other functionalities offered in this add-on such as HTML validation, and disable features.

FireShot - this is a screenshot capture tool. Unlike the print screen button on your keyboard, FireShot can capture the whole page, not just what's visible on screen, that is it includes those parts where you have to scroll down. It comes also with an application where you can create annotations, useful for team collaboration in designing pages.

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